La Factoria 408 Bloque 1 by wallylopez

1.King in the mirror by Wally Lopez
2.Don’t Wait (Topo Remix) by Alex Niggemann
3.Chakra by Edgar Vm
4.Faze K by Peace Division

La Factoria 408 Bloque 2 by wallylopez

1.Ninja Clown (Alessan Main Remix) by David Medina And Jota Phunk
2.Keen on (David Keno Remix) by The Glitz
3.Boomwhacker by Piemont
4.When The Cheese Is Gone (Original) by Stephan Hinz
5.Low Water Alex Gomez And Bias Remix by Zoo Brazil
6.Manitox by German Brigante
7.Need You (Wally Lopez Remix) by Mihalis Safras
8.Technologic (Affani Booty Mix) by Daft Punk
9.Congrats Original mix by Andre Winter
10.Daydreaming (Original Mix) by Albert Aponte

La Factoria 408 Bloque 3 by wallylopez

1.Get You Back (Wally Lopez Remix) by Wally Lopez ft. Ricki Lee
2.BREAK IT DOWN (ORIGINAL MIX) by Edgar Vm Vs Ismael Rivas And Bias
3.Noone (Original Mix) by Julio navas
4.Signs Of Happiness (Original Mix) by Nakadia
5.Ca C’est Paris (Original Mix) by Wally Lopez And David Ferrero